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Lakes, Rivers, and Places to Boat in Eastern Nebraska

Lakes, Rivers, and Places to Boat in Eastern Nebraska

Lakes, Rivers and Places to Boat in Nebraska Is there anything better than boating when the weather turns warm, the land turns green, and the sun beats down across the rolling plains of Eastern Nebraska? Boating in Eastern Nebraska is an entirely different experience than boating in Western Nebraska. The landscape and climate in these two different variations of “The Great Plains” of Nebraska are like night and day.

Lakes, Rivers, and Places to Boat in Eastern Nebraska - Near Lincoln and Omaha
Lincoln and Omaha are the most populated cities in Eastern Nebraska and situated in and around these two communities are a fairly large variety of water-related recreational opportunities including boating, swimming, canoeing, and fishing, among others. Often small lakes in this region are made particularly hospitable with parks and playground equipment, for example, as these are hot spots on the weekend days of spring, summer, and early fall. Zorinsky Lake, for example, in Omaha Nebraska is has a very respectable scenic display along with a playground that will make the wee one’s squeal with delight. Holmes Lake in Lincoln Nebraska in enveloped within the city and offers playground facilities as well as boating opportunities.

Lake Bluestem State Reservation Area and Branched Oak State Reservation Area near Lincoln are also popular destinations for water enthusiasts. These lakes, along with most others in Eastern Nebraska offer a more grassy setting in contrast to the sandy beaches found in Western Nebraska. Lakes, Rivers and Places to Boat in Nebraska

The Missouri River and the Platte River are the major rivers that have made an impact on the history and landscape of Nebraska, although, in terms of water sports, the Niobrara is perhaps the most well-known for scenic canoe trips. The Niobrara was called “Running Water” by Indians and early settlers. Today, the springs and and waterfalls along this river make it a prime canoeing destination in the nation.

The Platte River was once said to be an inch deep and a mile wide (however, irrigation nowadays keeps the river an inch deep and about 50 feet wide), making it a less favorable option for boating and canoeing, although people do venture out on canoe trips across the Platte River, portaging their canoes much of the way.

The Missouri, though rarely identified with water-sports in Eastern Nebraska, is actually an Indian name that means “river of the big canoes”. Flooding once dubbed this river too dangerous for water sports such as boating, canoeing, and kayaking. The Missouri River appears to be moving quite fast, but it is actually only creeping along at about 5 to 7 miles per hour. Lewis and Clark once journeyed up the Missouri River in a primitive watercraft, searching for passage to the Pacific Ocean. Boating, canoeing and kayaking the Missouri River is a great way to interact with a very important part of Eastern Nebraska history. Fishing is also considered favorable on the Missouri River.

There are a number of quite palatable locations to boat, canoe, kayak, and just enjoy water in general in Eastern Nebraska. Grassy and rocky shores line the edges of many bodies of water in this region, offering a different scenic perspective for boaters and who get out on the water or even those who gaze at the water from a blanket under the shade of a big tree. Trees are also more abundant and grow much taller, providing more shade to lake-goers who prefer to stay on land. Lakes, Rivers, and Places to Boat in Eastern Nebraska - List of Lakes, Rivers, and Places to Boat

The following is a list of lakes in Eastern Nebraska: Lakes, Rivers and Places to Boat in Nebraska
  • Bluestem Lake State Reservation Area
  • Branched Oak State Reservation Area
  • Bowling Lake
  • Burchard Lake
  • Carter Lake
  • Conestoga Lake State Reservation Area
  • Cottontail Lake
  • Czechland Lake
  • Fremont Lake
  • Glenn Cunningham Lake
  • Goose Lake
  • Grove Lake
  • Hedgefield Lake WMA
  • Holmes Lake
  • Iron Horse Lake
  • Kirkman’s Cove
  • Maskenthine Reservoir
  • Meadowlark
  • Merganser Lake
  • Olive Creek Lake State Reservation Area
  • Pawnee Lake State Reservation Area
  • Pibel Lake State Reservation Area
  • Powder Creek Reservoir
  • Prairie View Lake
  • Skyview Lake
  • Stagecoach Lake
  • Standing Bear Lake
  • Summit Lake State Reservation Area
  • Swan Creek 5A
  • Swan Lake
  • Twin Lakes WMA
  • Two Rivers State Reservation Area #4
  • Two Rivers State Reservation Area #5
  • Verdon Lake
  • Wagon Train Lake State Reservation Area
  • Walnut Creek 2A
  • Walnut Creek Reservoir
  • Wehrspann Lake Recreation Area
  • Wildwood Lake

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